Today Berlin? Tomorrow Shanghai?

Our worldwide networks make going international easy.

Through our global head offices in Holland, Germany, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, and Poland, we provide a consistent exhibit experience for:

  • European and non-European based clients, who exhibit in the EU
  • European and non-European based clients who  exhibit outside the EU

Good things happen when you pay attention

If your company participates in different International exhibitions around the globe, consider the many benefits of professional exhibition company.

To succeed, you need one thing: a partner who is as flexible as you are and responds to your needs at any moment.

With many years’ experience in the international environment, the people in our company and their knowledge make us an ideal choice as your exhibition partner.

Our knowledge and passion for the trade show industry allows us to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve.

We listen to what our customers want and act on what they say. We build a comprehensive profile of your company needs and goals so that we clearly understand your brand, image, audience, competition, and industry.