1. Did You already think about that ?

  • Advertise Your presence at the exhibition
  • Key Client invitations to the exhibition
  • Brochures for distribution on your stand
  • Product order forms, pens etc
  • Show guide information
  • Transportation of freight to and from the show
  • Extra electrical or plumbing requirements for your stand
  • Internet & telephone connection on your stand
  • Hire equipment eg display stands, furniture, audio visual equipment etc
  • Extra electrical and plumbing requirements
  • Editorial and media releases
  • Entertainment and special features on your stand

Make sure your exhibition stand attracts the right visitors

2. Before

  • Be clear about your goals for participating in the exhibition
  • Find out everything you can about your exhibition space:
    • Location on the trade show floor
    • exhibitors nearby
    • check out  if  it`s high traffic or low traffic area
  • Think about stand design & construction company
  • Choose signage, posters and products to display to boost the image you want to create
  • Organize photography of your stand for use in promotional material
  • Advertise in advance
  • Use social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to create awareness about who you are and what you offer.
  • provide free tickets, offer special promotions on-site
  • Order all necessary supplies, including brochures and giveaways
  • invite Key Clients to the show
  • Supplying your staff names for exhibitor security passes
  • Think about Insurance for stock during the show, build up and break down
  • Air Travel and accommodation

3. During

  • Make Your Booth Screaming. Be Interesting & Engaging
  • use someone who attracts people to the stand, or who will bring customer onto the exhibition stand.
  • attract attendees by appealing to their senses — we all like to hear, see, touch, taste and smell things.
  • Set up a rotating booth schedule for your staff.
  • Encourage staff to greet people warmly and smile!
  • Discuss procedures with your stand staff for interacting with the visitors

4. After

  • Send requested materials immediately.
  • Keep a record of the customers who found out about your products through the trade show
  • Analyze after each show, evaluate what went well and what didn't
  • If you're going to promise to send anything after the show, be sure to have it already back in the office
  • Create the lead management forms
  • Create  “after show”  web site news
  • Identify the person responsible for lead management